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Christian Siriano Gave the Runway What it Wanted!

Christian Siriano did not hold any stops for this years SS2020 NYFW show


Gotham Theater witnessed a spectacle this past Saturday afternoon. It's sidewalks were teeming with fashion lovers, paparazzi, clout chasers in audacious outfits, and camera wielding tourists; all elated to catch glimpses of celebrities as they walked up to Gotham’s doors. Once inside the brass walkways, I was welcomed into a nine thousand square-foot grand ballroom. A meticulous maze of gold chairs with ivory cushions surrounded a small exhibition of influential women in history and today.

Giant canvass of Laverne Cox, Lady Gaga, Janelle Monáe, Kate Moss and Frida Kahlo were some of the many paintings arranged down the main straightaway. It was clear that Christian Siriano’s latest offering was heavily inspired by the New Orleans artist Ashley Longshore. Being a devout Longshore Instagram follower, I caught myself before letting out a resounding “hell yes” (which would have been followed by the appropriate hand-air-snatching motions). If I did cry out in elation, I would not have been alone. It seemed as if everyone was sipping from the same tonic of excitement; girl power, shaken not stirred with a sprig of mint!

My seats were AMAZING; left of the media risers at the end of the runway. I had a clear view of the main walkway, and a good look at my man with his new Nixon D850. My vision locked in on Yemi making final adjustments with the camera settings. It looked like he had already settled into his rather large 2ft space on the top left riser; standing room only, but the other fashion photographers made sure to mind their elbows. In this moment, Jay-Z ‘I’m a Hustler’ accompanied my thought bubble: “Yemi is really holding his own against Vogue, New York Times, and Getty Images. He just hopped off the porch with that camera less than 3 days ago! We are some HUSTLERS! LOL... Dam he sexy too”

With an acute dimming of the house lights and a crescendo of instrumental pop music, the show began. Ashley was the first to grace the runway with a palette of fresh paint. She quickly got to work, outlining details on the women's clothing, which happened to be pieces from the collection that were simultaneously going down the runway on models. Siriano’s muse Coco Rocha was the first to grace the runway in a sea-foam, shimmering, asymmetrical-hem dress worn over pants that set the tone for what followed; a vibrant take on evening-wear.

The collection was comprised of 64 stunning pieces; each original and beautifully unique in their own right. I can not highlight every piece, so here is the skinny on collection:

Quote from the Designer : “I wanted the collection to feel playful, colorful, bright, and romantic but still powerful and exciting”

Looks from the Show:

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